Mental ill-health / brain-disorders
now exceed all other burdens of ill-health, costing the EU €386 billion.

EU Journal of Neurology, “Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe” (2004, excluding cerebral palsy) vol 12, Suppl 1 pages 1-92, June 2005.

The McCarrison Society for Nutrition and Health,
The Institute of Brain Chemistry & Human Nutrition and

The International Society for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology & Medicine (ISPPM)


"Generating Healthy Brains"

A cutting edge Joint Conference on how nutrition, hormones and
genomics are causing mental-ill health and affecting future generations

which was held on

Tuesday 17 January 2006
Programme Details

Dr Joseph Hibbeln MD,

Laboratory of Membrane Biophysics and Biochemistry,

National Institutes of Health, Washington DC, USA – Cleave Award

The impact of deficiencies of omega-3 fats on homicide, suicide, depression and
greater risk of developmental trajectories towards lifelong psychopathy


Professor Barry Keverne, FRS, FMedSci,

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience, University of Cambridge

The significance of genomic imprinting for brain development and behaviour, and future generations


Dr Ludwig Janus MD

Conference President – ISPPM President 1995-2005, Heidelberg, Psychotherapy, Psychohistory,
From tribal life to civilisation’s sedentary, solo-parent life –
Contending with change in nurture, anatomy, gestation, birth and medicine


Nutrients, hormones and genomics vitally affect each of our lives, shaping our lifelong mental and physical health, most powerfully at conception and in early life. Speed of change, social, nutritional and environmental, is exceeding our evolutionary adaptability. We have to use our brains to remain a healthy race in today’s conditions, to stave off the pandemic, the metabolic syndrome:

  • Mental illness – the most damaging aspect
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Obesity – the visible tip of the iceberg



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